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Gwill YorkGwill York

Co-founder and managing director of Lighthouse Capital Partners. Since its founding in 1994, she has led investments in biotech, medical devices and services, software, semiconductor, internet infrastructure, e-commerce, and clean tech companies. She has volunteered for decades at large and small organizations including the Museum of Science, Boston Green Ribbon Commission, and One Mind. While she lives in Cambridge, her hometown will always be Cleveland, Ohio.


Dorien NuñezDorien Nunez

Co-founder of OMNIResearch Group and OMNI Wall Street Advantage, with expertise in environmental, social, and governance issues and emerging manager/minority business development programs. Raised funds for the Emerging Manager Trust which became FIS (now EXPONA), helped launch venture capital funds and loan programs for woman owned and minority owned businesses in the Midwest. Advised the White Houses of G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Frequent counselor to governors, mayors and city councils regarding pension funds, small and minority business development, and other budget issues. Co-founder of Alabama-Mississippi Improvement Project (renamed Educate the Children Foundation) that raised over $10M for school supplies, computer labs, music labs and teacher support for poor school districts around the country. Currently focusing on personal financial literacy and investing “from cradle to retirement.” Proud alumnus of NYC public school system, St Paul’s School, and Harvard Business School '84. Supporter of HBCUs. Dorien has been a lifelong community activist since he and his family supported Adam Clayton Powell and Shirley Chisholm in his hometown of NYC. He has been an anti-redlining expert and has worked and continues to work with NAACP Economic Development Committees. Dorien's an avid amateur astronomer and saxophone player.


Rachel V. KempRachel V. Kemp

Vice President of Pickwick Capital Partners LLC, focusing on mergers and acquisitions within the cybersecurity, defense and fintech markets. Leadership experience in both private and public sectors informs board positions with Energy Federation Inc., Longfellow Park Ventures, and the Worcester Venture Forum. Studied at the Kennedy School (MPA), Fletcher, and Sloan; plays cello with the Me2/Orchestra; serves as our lifetime co-Class Secretary.


David FrutkoffDavid Frutkoff

Currently serving as copy editor for marketing department of major philanthropy, honing communication with public, donors, and other constituencies. Recently wrapped up 25 years as an educator and trainer in nonprofits working with refugees, immigrants, and underserved populations, harnessing relationship-building and communication skills to inspire and mentor participants. 


Alan DrummerAlan Drummer

Content Marketing Manager on IBM Data Science and AI team. Decades of storytelling experience for technology clients. Also passionate about outdoor adventure sports, meditation and family adventure travel, leading to involvement with organizations that are helping to slow humanity's degradation of the paradise we inherited.


Jules Chatelain Jules Chatelain

Sometimes I've created pathways between humans and technology. At other times I've worked to maintain the barriers between them. My clients have included software and hardware manufacturers, public sector and nonprofit organizations, and solo inventors and artists. I enjoy helping roll out new technology, moving it from the back room into the hands of humans. 

Currently working at Sage Software as a chatbot development specialist, and volunteering with Third Act Oregon. Before the pandemic I supported local women's flat track roller derby as a non-skating official and occasional anthem singer.

At our 40th Reunion, classmates brainstormed about launching ClassACT HR79.

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